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Why Fluid ?

Managed IT Services in Bangalore

Managed Services for Contact Center

Business Unified Communication Solutions in Bangalore
  • Makes configuration of Cisco Unified Communications a breeze, no knowledge of underlying Cisco technology required
  • Successfully deliver MACDs with zero errors
  • Improves end user experience by implementing automation of user accounts
  • Transform the way business and administrators interact with Cisco Unified Communications
  • Improve SLA and OLA metrics by more than 99%, radically saving time and money
  • Predict and extrapolate analytics the easy way, present business relevant metrics without hassle
  • Feel good about improve in productivity and extract the same with report productivity metrics
Are you still using MOS ?
Are you still using MOS(Mean Opinion Score) as the measurement for voice quality of a call session? You are probably missing out a lot about caller's experience. Fluid works with conceal seconds, giving you the exact statistics on call quality.
Cloud CRM and Quality management solution provider in India
What you can do with Fluid ?
  • Provide high level view of the entire cisco unified communications ecosystem
  • Simplified management and deployment of PSTN DIDs per site per carrier
  • Report and manage unassigned lines for optimal DID utilization
  • Create organization wide collaboration end point inventory
  • Easily mark and label phones for replacement
  • Monitor phone and jabber registration status, online and offline
  • Extract registration state report per phone and jabber
  • Automatically send email to provider when faulty phone is reported
  • Create devices, phones, jabber, video endpoints on cisco unified communications manager
  • Automatically send welcome email to users on device, jabber and voicemail creation
  • Create and manage phone lock codes
  • Create voicemail and reset pins
  • Create and manage hunt groups
  • Create and manage pickup groups
Call Record Analyzer
Enterprise PBX solution provider in India
  • CRA easily gives you access to your important user's call information. 
  • How much talk utilization are we experiencing?
  • ​​
  • Who placed or received a certain call? 
  • ​​
  • Why was a call disconnected? ​​
  • What are the network performance statistics? 
  • Did a Video / Voice call experience quality issues?
  • How many calls per day does a department receive, and when is their busiest time? 
  • How are our Conference resources utilized?
  • ​​
  • How can we tell if our PSTN devices are utilized?
  • How many devices or numbers are involved in a multi-leg call?
Call Alert Notifications
VoIP Phone Service Providers in Bangalore
  • Alert notifications for 911 and other configurable dial patterns
  • ​​
  • Set alerts on Defined calling or called directory numbers
  • ​​
  • Toll fraud alerts to mitigate international toll fraud
  • Threshold alerting for network statistics such as:
    • Jitter
    • Latency
    • Packet loss
    • Video packet loss
    • Video average jitter
Dashboard Visualization
Dashboard graphical views:
  • Top callers
  • ​​
  • Top talkers
  • ​​
  • Top numbers dialed
  • ​​
  • Network performance
  • ​​
  • Device utilization
  • ​​
  • Dashboard views by department
About Us
VoipHorizon is an information technology services firm, specializing in managed collaboration services for unified communications and contact centers.
  • The company headquarters is based out of Bangalore, India.
  • VoipHorizon key focus has been to automate unified communications and contact center technology towards the future of converged architecture.
  • Outset in the year 2014, the company has amassed a cumulative experience of over 50 years.
  • With the experience gained, VoipHorizon has helped business to get a head start with Digital Transformation, optimizing costs and technology upkeep.
  • Innovation with consistent performance, are the foundation to VoipHorizon working.
  • Key enterprise partnership works in tandem with organization's core business, and help deliver network services and hardware product line for every business case. VoipHorizon is a one stop shop for your entire office business communication.
  • VoipHorizon intends to expand in business technologies for voice solutions, automation and IoT trends for the foreseeable future. In recent history VoipHorizon has acquired key partnerships to deliver competitive and scalable solutions.
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